Rose Mist Facial Spray
Rose Mist Facial Spray

Rose Mist Facial Spray

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This Facial Spray is very helpful in rehydrating skin that has been damaged by cancer and other treatments and medication and especially for hot flushes caused by menopause. It has proven to be a very popular product due to its many uses.

This spray can be used anywhere at anytime for a quick uplifting spritz or cool down and can be sprayed over make up or some of our clients have recommended it for under it.

It is a very handy size, making it an ideal gift for someone in hospital, gift it on its own and add it to a care package.  

 Essence of the Mulla Mulla flower and Shea Oak have been added to the highest quality organic Rose Water to create this soothing and rehydrating spray for thirsty skin.  100ml recyclable/reusable bottle

Ingredients: Rosa Damascus (Organic Rose Water)*, Ptilotus (Mulla Mulla) & Equisetifolia (Shea Oak) Flower Essence
* indicates organic