Our largest organ, the skin, can suffer very bad side effects from cancer treatments, dialysis, ongoing medications and stress, to name but a few. Harsh chemicals and perfumes do not sit well with sensitive skin and its highly recommended that natural, gentle & pure products, preferably organic, be used. Regardless, most patients can’t use anything but. There are many pharmaceutically made products for skin as such, but alas, the packaging is very ‘laboratory’ like(no offence to the Big Pharmas!)
The purpose here, is that we want to treat our loved ones, buy them something ‘good looking’ that they can actually use and to not deflate them with the usually hum drum tub! After miles of research, we choose to work with 2 fabulous Irish companies Flourish Organics and I Am Selfcare, for their likeminded passion, in being kind to skin, body and mind, but whilst also placing an emphasis on affordability. This is something that is also very important to us.
The benefits of each blend are explained in each product detail. However if you need further information or advise on which scent is best for you or a loved one, please don't hesitate to contact us at