My Inspirations - My Friends & Family

My Dear Friends

All of these happy faces are those of the family and friends who have not just inspired me but inspired this website. Their help and input, I am very grateful for. However behind each beautiful smile is a story, not without its fair share of trauma, uncertainty and pain. Despite this, they forge on, dealing with obstacle after obstacle  because, as one friend eluded to, they have no choice. But what they do have a choice over is the attitude they take on in doing so. The positive outlook they embrace, and that, win or lose, makes them  heroes in my eyes.

Compiling these photos brought up a number of insightful conversations. The metaphor between illnesses like cancer and war, are used often but not favoured by everyone. Language such as battle, survivor, warrior, fighter can be frustrating for someone living with an illness and can leave patients feeling like they didn’t ‘fight’ hard enough if they don’t respond well to treatment. It’s something we are very aware of, respect and have tried to keep a balance of through-out. 

All of these beautiful people however have given us approval of their titles and to them I say keep on keeping, with much love.