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"You got to put your head to it. You got to push through"

World Cancer Day is a day to raise awareness and bring people together to talk about and take action to help prevent and tackle cancer. Earlier @moscannail spoke to Rebecca Gorman, an Advocacy Officer from @IrishCancerSoc and to Tadhg O'Malley who has recovered from cancer. — RTÉ news2day (@news2dayRTE) February 4, 2022 You got to put your head to it. You got to push through” are the wise words from young Tadgh O’Malley who kicked Hodgkins Lymphoma to the kerb. With resounding support from his wonderful parents & 3 brothers, one being his twin, Tadgh showed cancer who the real boss was. Yes it was scary but as he said himself, it's ok to be scared. One of Tadgh,...

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"It's no joke": Jarlath Regan on the power of organ donation

Becoming a living donor, if your proven to be fit and healthy, is a relatively simple procedure and considering it saves a life, its a bit of a no brianer! If you know someone in need of a kidney and perhaps have just not thought about the possibility of being a donor for them, have a listen to comedian Jarleth Regan's podcast who donated one of his kidneys to his brother. Not only is it a very interesting and informative listen, sometimes funny and sometimes emotional, but it might just make you think a little more about the power you possess to save a life. Thank you Jarleth for allowing us to share this. You are a mighty human being!...

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